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her ladyship and mr. fuzzalicious

  ©2010 Lindsay Obermeyer yoga dog

My neighbor has two dogs. One of them says to the other, "Woof!"

The other replies, "Moo!"

The dog is perplexed. "Moo? Why did you say, 'Moo'?"

The other dog says, "I'm trying to learn a foreign language."

--  Morey Amsterdam  

She may weigh only 6lbs, but her ladyship, the Empress Josephine is one determined pooch.  This morning I was greeted with an oh-so-delicate kiss on the nose, followed by a paw on the cheek.  When this failed to rouse me, she pounced, followed by a ferocious dig at my hair.  It's a good thing she's so darn cute or she would've been sent sailing off the bed.   

 ©2010 Lindsay Obermeyer Mr. Fuzzalicious 

Doesn't Jack the pomeranian look like such the gentleman?  Don't be fooled!  He was barking in my ear as her ladyship proceeded with the digging.  The dynamic duo.  I tell ya.  

glass prairie update

 ©2010 Lindsay Obermeyer da beads

"Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is patience." 

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Patience is indeed what is needed as I build the "Glass Prairie."  Each flower is taking 4-8 hours to complete.  I have 21 made to date and 3 more days until I install the exhibition at Art on Armitage.  My hope is that the "prairie" will continue to grow over the course of the installation and at future exhibitions of it.  

 ©2010 Lindsay Obermeyer blazing star 

 I try to mimic the structure as much as possible, but there is a limit given my chosen medium.  Beads and wire can only give so much detail.  I could scale down to size 15 beads, but I prefer not to go blind in the process!  

 ©2010 Lindsay Obermeyer Glass Prairie In Progress 1 

 ©2010 Lindsay Obermeyer Glass Prairie in Progress 2 

Most of the flowers are found on the prairie, but there are a few woodland natives included.  I couldn't resist their forms.  



"I need a picture of you."  Oh, ugh.  I hate posing for the camera almost as much as eating okra, dusting furniture and washing my car.  The curator's request came while I was in St. Louis.  She needed a large file of which I had none.  So, I asked my friend Davide to take one while on our way to a coffee shop with Gina.  This one is actually not too bad.  I don't look like a complete nervous goof, though my orange glasses dominate my face.  When I update my prescription, should I get a tamer color pair of frames or continue with fun?  Sigh.  Oh, well.   The curator is happy and I'm not totally embarrassed.  

By the way, if you haven't guessed.  I no longer have uber short hair as seen in my blog bio pic.  It's now shoulder length with plenty of what I call "sparkly bits," aka grey hair, which form a lovely streak when pulled back into a pony tail.  

supermarket art fair: stockholm, sweden

 Picture 1 

 Picture 2 

Hej!  That's "hi ya" in Swedish.  This week, four of my smaller Chirurgi works are at the Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm, Sweden with Art on Armitage, a Chicago-based gallery and the only one from the United States.  I'm so excited!  It's my first international art fair.  I'm especially thrilled as its focus is on artist-run initiatives.  I wish I could be there, but I will be in St. Louis with The Red Thread Project®.

Yes, the exciting news gets more exciting!  Springboard to Learning was awarded a Kresge Foundation grant to bring The Red Thread Project® back to St. Louis.  I'll be at 3 schools this week teaching the basics of knitting and community service.  A follow up performance will occur in the spring.

March 1st, my installation "Glass Prairie" premieres at Art on Armitage with a reception March 7th from 4-6.   I hope you can make it!