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last day

 ©2010 Lindsay Obermeyer The Shore 

 "I am neither an optimist nor pessimist, but a possibilist." 

    -- Max Lerner

Tomorrow is my last day teaching at The Shore.  The grant money has once again dried up.  It is so frustrating.  These folks have been fabulous to teach.  They always great me with a warm smile and a hug.  We joke and tease each other.  In short, we have fun.

It's been a delightful challenge to design projects that meet the needs of a range of very different capabilities, let alone all be taught within a one hour period of time including set up and cleaning.  This is our group quilt which now resides in the tv room of their residence. 

 ©2010 Lindsay Obermeyer the quilt

I started with a series of lessons on pattern, symmetry and repetition.  It gave me the necessary time to observe skills and determine the best way to proceed with the quilt.  Each student embellished a square of fabric featuring their image and then another square with a personal textile design.  We didn't use fabric paints as I had first considered.  They were too difficult to control for some folks, so everyone used Sharpies.  I then stitched it all together.  I think it looks great!

 ©2010 Lindsay Obermeyer bill 

The other day we worked on a series of paintings using oil pastels and watercolor paint.  Their color sensibilities are wonderfully vibrant.

 ©2010 Lindsay Obermeyer vincent's painting 

 ©2010 Lindsay Obermeyer roxanne

There has to be a better way to fund outreach art programs.  Grants come and go.  I need to find a long term funding plan.  Any suggestions? 

red thread project st. louis update

 ©2010 Lindsay Obermeyer St. Louis Red Thread 1

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." 

 -- Georgia O'Keefe

I don't know about you, but I always seem to be a month behind my internal ideal schedule.  I've been meaning to post these photographs for the past month.  They are from my introduction to The Red Thread Project® at three St. Louis public schools this February.  In a three day period of time I worked with over 300 children.  Every child I met was bright and enthusiastic.

©Lindsay Obermeyer Red Thread Project St. Louis 2
Much is said of the St. Louis public schools and little of it is positive.  Statistics are statistics, but they never show the personal or emotional.  Every child, teacher, administrator and parent I met was fully committed.  There is a ton of love and hope permeating these schools, and where there is love and hope, there is a future.  

©2010 Lindsay Obermeyer Red Thread Project St. Louis 3
It makes me angry that the arts are the first subjects to be cut when resources are tight.  The arts are a necessary component of a well-rounded education.  For many children it is through the arts that the core subjects become concrete.  Thank goodness for the enlightened folks at the Kresge Foundation.  Their support provided Springboard the means to bring The Red Thread Project® back to St. Louis and into more schools.   

©2010 Lindsay Obermeyer Red Thread Project St. Louis 4

LBO Studio Website - under maintenance

 LBO Studio logo by Barkada Creative

 "I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting.  It's in the subconscious."  -- Andrew Wyeth

My website is in need of a deep spring cleaning.  Rather than plague my webmaster, the fabulous Andy Altman, with a zillion emails, each with a separate update, I'm methodically going through each section notating and collating the changes to be made.  Some of the changes will be small, just little tweaks, but there are some grander changes in store too, such as a new homepage, general artist statement, bio, and more.  

I've suspended the older version as I work on the new and improved which is why you were directed to my blog if you were seeking my website.  At my blog, you will be able to get all the latest happenings plus some insight into my creative process.  I want to be able to study the changes to the website in their entirety prior to making them public, hence the current suspension of the it rather than keeping it live as I work.

If you have a question regarding my artwork, post a comment.  The form allows you to leave your email while not making it public for all the world to see.  

In the meantime, I would love to hear other folk's opinions on what they seek in an artist's website.   Should it be a catalog of an artist's career spanning back to the first few years post undergraduate school?  Should works which have sold be posted?  What about video?  Would you like a tour of my studio? Should the covers of books featuring my work be posted or is their listing in my resume satisfactory?  Both?  What do you think?

need a week refund

 ©2010 Lindsay Obermeyer bowls

"Need a day refund.  Send soonest."  -- Yarn Harlot

I need more than a day's refund.  I need a week's worth.  I've been calling it the week of rough starts and no finishes.  In other words, it's been one of THOSE weeks.  

I can't seem to get anything done in the studio.  Just as I get into the flow, the phone rings or the doorbell rings or one of the pooches needs to go outside.  Paperwork is in piles around my office and spilling onto the dining room table as there is so much to complete.  Fine.  But why is it every pen in my house has to run out of ink at the same time?!  

Don't even get me started with FedEx.  They shattered the glass on two prints, but want me to repack the box as it was complete with all the broken shards of glass for them to pick up on Tuesday to deliver to their inspection house.  By the time the prints are finally returned to me they will probably be in shreds.  My dad is beside himself as they were a gift from him.  Same with the century-old painting.  The frame is splintered and the painting will certainly need some restoration.  One has to wonder about the intelligence of the idiot who came up with this policy. Sigh.

So by the end of yesterday, I was in need of a diversion.  First stop, Lillstreet Art Center for the Empty Bowl event.  Donate $20 to First Slice, pick out a ceramic bowl, fill it with soup and then keep the bowl!  I love mine.  It's now my official breakfast bowl.  Afterward Sweet Pea and I went to see Annie Heckman's show (go see!) at the International Museum of Surgical Science  followed by "Materiality" (ditto) at ARC Gallery.  We ended the evening with sandwiches, a glass of wine and a DVD at Chez Nous. 

It may be Saturday morning with piles of paper surrounding me, but I made sure last night to get a working pen.... Now I just need another cup of coffee.

A Glass Prairie

 © Lindsay Obermeyer A Glass Prairie, photo by Sara Peak Convery

"It's you the viewer who puts the meaning in the arts."        -- Dan Douke

My installation "A Glass Prairie" is now on display at Art on Armitage!  The beauty of a window gallery is that there are no gallery hours, just drive by and take a look.  Come twice, because over the course of the month I will be adding flowers.  The opening reception / celebration is Sunday, March 7th from 4-6.  

To read my statement and see more images of the installation, go to the Art on Armitage website.  While you are there, poke around and take a look at previous exhibitions by other artists.  There is some beautiful, jaw dropping, truly inspirational work to behold.

Photo credit:  Sara Peak Convery