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red thread project st. louis - knit nights and upcoming performances

  ©2010 Lindsay Obermeyer, Springboard, Penelope Dullaghan  Redthreadstlouispostcard

   ©2010 Lindsay Obermeyer, Springboard, Penelope Dullaghan Redthreadstlouisbackcard 

I wish I could've been to one of these knit events.  The children have been knitting hundreds of hats, sharing their skills with their families and listening to stories about community from teaching artists affiliated with Springboard.  What fun!  

With the support of the Kresge Foundation, The Red Thread Project® is back in St. Louis working with students in three public schools.  I was there in February to kick off the project and teach knitting (with the assistance of some amazing volunteers!).  I'll be back in May to sew hats to the "red thread"  and lead the performance with musician Moacyr Marchini of Sambabom.  

As I continue the project, I am consistently amazed and touched by how much it means to others.  This came to me recently by email:

Today’s students are in serious danger.  They are becoming increasing isolated from others through communication such as Facebook and My Space, rather than developing real and meaningful friendships.  Our children are also the victims of a “me” society. Children are more concerned about getting a new iPod or new sneakers than about what they might do to help someone else.  Service learning would certainly be helpful for our students but enough of this just doesn’t happen.  And then along comes The Red Thread Project.  Through the story of the red thread, students are introduced to a sense of community.  They have an opportunity to give back, even though many come from situations where giving back is difficult. They are working together in the classroom, helping each other as they make the hats.  They are thinking together as they discuss who might really benefit from the hats they make.  They are planning together as they talk about how they will present their final products. They are communicating as they talk about the project. The Red Thread Project is a blessing to our students at Mann School.  It provides our children with a much needed opportunity to work together and communicate, but most importantly, an opportunity to give back.

by Lauren Patten, Counselor

Mann School

gina alvarez

  ©Gina T. Alvarez Soso3

St. Louis artist Gina T. Alvarez strives to achieve a sense of wonder in her work.  Each piece is a labor of love, filled with exacting manipulations of form and material.  The miniature becomes massive.  The massive remains small.  With her installations one is pulled back and forth between the details and the whole.   

I first met Gina at the St. Louis Artists' Guild where we worked together on The Red Thread Project.   She refuses to use generic labels to define her art.  We had a rousing discussion about feminism which I am still pondering.   As she states on her website:

    ... With studied intention I am motivated to provoke an inability in viewers to name what they are     seeing, hopefully creating something that is ultimately transcending of material, idea and form. The     best result for me is a work that surpasses any preconceived idea of what it is or what it was supposed to be. A trope so to speak, Wonderment.

We are fortunate in Chicago as her work will be on exhibit at the upcoming art fair Next, April 29 - May 3.  Be sure to look for it!  

rice paddy art


It's not new news, but I received an email from a friend yesterday that shared with me this amazing, beautiful, edible art form started in 1993 at the Inakadate Village in Japan as a local revitalization project.  Using the different colors of rice, they are able to grow / install some amazing renderings.  Just take a look. 







Waubonsee Community College!

  ©2010 Lindsay Obermeyer Waubonsee 1st workshop

Hello to all you knitters and crocheters!  The Red Thread Project is now at Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove, IL.  I kicked off the project late March with a presentation followed by an informal knitting workshop.  Our next gathering is Tuesday, April 20th at 1pm.  Learn to knit.  Share you skills with others. Can't join us?  No worries.  You can make a hat and send it to the college, c/o of Anni Holm.  

I'm especially thrilled to have Aurora Christian School joining the project.  200 elementary school students will be getting an introduction to knitting this May as part of their day of community service. Their hats will be joining the hundreds (hopefully!) of others made at Waubonsee for a performance and installation this fall.