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getting ready

Lindsay Obermeyer , LBO Studio, Trade Show Booth ©2011 Rebeca Mojica

My studio looks like a tornado has ripped through it.  Fabric, beads and mini pompoms are everywhere.  I'm getting ready for the Craft & Hobby Association's summer trade show which comes to the Chicago region in just a few weeks.  ACK!  Every morning I wake up with a list of things to accomplish and by nightfall the list has gotten longer.  How does that happen?  It equals the mystery of the Washing Machine Sock Monster.

I admit to having Multiple Idea Disorder, also known as MID.  I get an idea.  I sketch it out.  If it seems feasible, I act upon it.  Then I get another idea....  In short order, I have a 1/2 dozen or so projects going on my craft table.  The challenge is to finish them before skipping off to start yet another new project.  

I know it will all come together, if only because the deadline is looming.  That's me in my booth at the January show. I look so calm and serene.  Ha!  I had about 5 hours of sleep in me, but a little red lipstick, an IV coffee drip and I was good to go.  

Thank you Rebeca of Blue Buddha Boutique for the image!

Mollie Makes, Panty Flasher Cuteness


"You haven't lost your smile at all, it's right under your nose.  

You just forgot it was there."  --  Anonymous

This short video is sure to bring a smile.  Love the little gals flashing their panties.  From the catchy tune to the gorgeous craft studio, this video hits all the marks for why I love to make for the sake of making.  Thumbs up to Mollie Makes magazine, a brand new lifestyle and craft magazine out of the UK.    

Stitched Science

©2004 Lindsay Obermeyer Ovum 2  photo credit Larry Sanders
Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him

and calls the adventure Science.  -- Edwin Powell Hubble

Stitched Science, a two day science and fiber art festival is this weekend at the Science Museum, London.  In addition to the exhibition, there will be tons of kid friendly projects, like knitting i-cord to add to the giant fuzzy Jupiter or Martians to knit for Mars.  

Folks from around the world have contributed knitted, crocheted, embroidered, quilted replicas. My piece Ovum II (above) is part of the extravaganza.    I love Sami Teasdale's "Golden Hope" made from a radiotherapy mask and Liberty fabric.


Organized by Stitch London, you must check out the rest of the collection.  There is everything from water molecules to submarines.