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CHA Summer 2012, my booth

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer CHA Summer 2012 booth

"Patience is the ability to count down before you blast off."  - Author Unknown

I'm slowly making progress.  It's taken 4 shows to finally get a handle on how to develop a collection of ideas that fully show off my range of skills and ideas.  This is my table display at the CHA Summer 2012 Designer Showcase.  I decided to go for a theme, specifically DIY wedding.  

I had so much fun making everything, especially all the work with paper as my diecutter is a rather recent acquisition (ie - toy). I used it to cut out hundreds of paper flowers that I then snipped, bent and twirled into scores of flowers for the initials in the background. I considered different letters "I do," "We do" "Love" etc, but I settled on my own initials to advertise my business, LBO Studio, while also giving the impression that they are the monogram of a newly married couple.   

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer my CHA Summer 2012 Designer Showcase
There is a beaded bridal headpiece with matching groom's boutonnière and bridesmaid barrette. The French beaded daisy bridal bouquet is gorgeous and a great momento of the big day.  The flowers are among the easiest to make, so a great project for those just learning the art.  

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer CHA Summer 2012 booth

I carried the beaded flowers onto embellished boxes for the safe keeping of wedding notes and cards.  As I grew up with cornucopias as table top favors filled with candies and nuts, it was a nostalgic trip for me to make my own versions for the display.

I start several months in advance of the show researching trends and thinking about what resonates with me and my design sensibilities.  The hardest part is settling on one concept and then carrying it through different mediums.  I want to do everything, but have learned that without a bit of editing, I tend to confuse folks.  Feedback has been that editors aren't sure how to market me and my work. Thankfully, that's no longer a problem.  I am finding my niche.  To anyone wanting to enter this business, I have to say - be true to yourself, be patient, and keep making!  

CHA Summer 2012, Crafty Ideas Galore!

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer CHA Summer 2012

The Possible's slow fuse is lit
By the Imagination.
-- Emily Dickinson

The Craft and Hobby Association's (CHA) 2012 Summer trade show was full of crafty inspiration. This was my 4th show to attend and I finally got smart about it. I scheduled my time so I could fully walk the floor and enjoy as many make 'n takes as possible.  Time to relax and play really helped me to learn more about the materials and see what they could do.

This holiday curmodgeon can't wait to start preparing for Halloween.  Don't you love the owl I made at Floracraft!  You can make one too.


These beaded trantulas  from Blue Moon Beads are craftabulous!

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Summer CHA 2012  ©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer CHA Summer 2012

I also love the other displays from the DCWV / Blue Moon Bead booth.  This company never fails to dazzle with their displays. I must find a skeleton to bling out for my porch this fall.  The neighborhood kids would flip out.

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer CHA Summer 2012  ©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer CHA Summer 2012

And talk about a freaking clever use for old lace tights and bits of broken chain!

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer CHA Summer 2012

Of course, Halloween isn't the only holiday.  There was plenty Christmas fun too.  This little wire tree with paper cut ornaments is so simple and so cute.  I also like this use of acrylic board and paper.  A great gift tag that doubles as an ornament.

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer CHA Summer 2012  ©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer CHA Summer 2012

The annual Crafty Couture display by the CHA designers group has inspired some fantastic booth displays. Check out the paper and crystal sparkle of this dress!

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer CHA Summer 2012

Here's a detail.  See what I mean?  Incredible!  I also love the Hello Kitty bike.  It is over the top cute, but in a way that works. 

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer CHA Summer 2012  ©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer CHA Summer 2012

I always leave the trade shows utterly exhausted and yet refreshed.  There are so many ideas to consider, new materials and tools to explore that I can't help but ignore my tired feet and head to the studio.

Yarn Bombing Stitch 'n Bitch at Clark St. Festival

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Crochet papel picado designed by Mary Lawrie

"Wanted: a needle swift enough to sew this poem into a blanket." -- Charles Simic

I am so excited!  Saturday is the stitch 'n bitch workshop for the Clark Street yarn bombing.  Yarn bombing is a form of street art that uses yarn rather than paint.  I like to think of is as benign graffitti.  Mary and I will be at a booth sponsored by the Rogers Park Business Alliance at the Clark Street Festival (in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot at 6970 N. Clark Street).  We will be showing folks how to filet crochet papel picados, as well how to knit and crochet flowers.   Mary designed the papel picados I crocheted (see above and below). It's influenced by another crocheter's work, but she gave it a tweak.  So easy to do and works up quickly!

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer, filet crocheted papel picados skeleton
Are you on Pinterest?  Pinterest is a visual form of social media.  It's a great way to collect and organize images, recipes etc, anything and everything that stir one's creativity.  Mary started a Pinterest board for our yarn bombing call Blooming / Celebrating.  It is full of great patterns (free or low cost) with oodles of inspiration.  In case you aren't on Pinterest, I thought I would post a few of the links here: 

A great pattern for colorful skulls are featured on the blog Emilee Knits.

I love this roundup of flower patterns.

And this skeleton takes first prize for cutest bag of bones.

We hope to see you at the event.  Our next one in Rogers Park is August 22nd.

CHA Summer 2012: Crafty Couture

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Lindsay Obermeyer's Snow Queen Gown

"Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable." -- Donna Karan

Ta da!  After several weeks of knitting, crocheting, cutting and embellishing, I unveiled The Snow Queen at the Craft and Hobby Association(CHA) 2012 Summer Trade Show.  Wow!  I am really pleased with it.  Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, the dress is a play of textures, cool colors, and lots of sparkle.

The knit and crocheted shell is made with Vanna's Glamour® from Lion Brand Yarn.  They generously supported my entry by sending the yarn I needed.  Thank you!   The yarn's shimmer is perfect for the frosty look I wanted.  And before you ask, yep, I will be making the pattern available for purchase!  

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Obermeyer's Snow Queen detail   ©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer The Snow Queen detail   ©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Snow Queen Gown detail   ©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Shoes for Snow Queen

I bought a die cut machine earlier this year.  I admit it, I'm now a die cut addict.  So much fun!  I lost count after 50 snowflakes.  While each is cut the same, the embellishments are unique to each.  I stamped, collaged and even did some lacing with Kreinik threads.

The shoes are embellished with white and silver  sequins using Aleene's® Leather and Suede Glue™. I was skeptical, but gave the product a try.   Those sequins stayed put!  Not one flipped off despite packing and unpacking.  Yeah!  Simple white mules turned into evening bling!  Can't wait to embellish a pair of flats for the fall.  

There were 20 enteries in the Crafty Couture exhibition.  Each made by a member designer of CHA. Six designs were selected to be featured in Cloth, Paper, Scissors.  Check out these gorgeous dresses!

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Kathy Cano-Murillo (Crafty Chica)
Kathy Cano-Murillo (aka Crafty Chica) pulls out all the stops with her winning entry.  You have to see the mix of surface applications  - tie dye, stenciling, drawing and a bit of embroidery.  Too fab!

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Jennifer Priest
I adore the soft transition of color in this dress by Jennifer Priest of Hydrangea Hippo.  The paper is pages torn from a book and rolled to give that lovely texture.

I also loved the entry by Alexa Westerfield.  Her play with text, texture and color is lots of fun.

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Alexa Westerfield
No, my dress won't be featured in Cloth, Paper, Scissors, but for me, the best part was all that I learned.  I've been working in textiles for 25 years, so moving into paper crafts is opening up a whole new world for me.  

Rogers Park Yarn Bombing Workshop - July 18

©2011 Lindsay Obermeyer Mary Lawrie

Meet Mary K. Lawrie!  She will be leading the Howard Street Is Blooming!  workshop on July 18th from 6-8pm at 1511 Howard St. in front of the shop Lost Eras.  We will have yarn and some equipment available, but bring your own favorite tools if you prefer. 

Mary's interest in using recycled materials has led her to create some fabulous flower designs with plastic bags and old t-shirts using the Hana-Ami loom.  Thank you to Clover for their donation of a dozen looms for us to use and distribute! 

©2012 LIndsay Obermeyer Rogers Park Yarn Bombing
Relevant details regarding flower patterns, yarn colors, etc. may be found at my previous post about the project.  The Rogers Park Business Alliance has created the website  Create Rogers Park for more yarn bombing event announcements.  Be sure to check it out as well as the fab free patterns Mary is posting on the project's Pinterest board.  

murals across the neighborhood + another yarn bombing

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Avondale Mural
"While the spirit of neighborliness was important on the frontier because neighbors were so few, it is even more important now because our neighbors are so many."  -- Lady Bird Johnson

Criss-crossed by freeways and railroad tracks, I moved here 12 years ago for the general quiet and easy access to other parts of the city.  It is a neighborhood that Mom said reminded her of her childhood.  While comfortable, it's not been the most exciting of places to live - until recently. Murals are popping up everywhere! Underpass eyesores are getting a face lift. Neighbors speaking a multitude of different native languages are joining forces to add dashes of bold color to stretches of rusty grey.

I love the recent one designed by Rafael Lopez at Avondale and Addison.  He designed it specifically so children could help paint it. A community garden is also being developed next to it.

Mural by Rafael Lopez

While the Avondale mural is completed, the Old Irving Park Association requests volunteers for another mural including some mosaic work.  Woohooo!  This makes the 7th mural within a 15 minute walk of my house! 

When offered the chance to do some yarn bombing in my own neighborhood, I jumped at the chance.  Mary K. Lawrie (my community arts design partner) and I are leading a yarn bombing at the Addison St. Bridge spanning across the entire freeway.  Yes, you read that correctly! We need your help! Workshop dates will soon be announced, most likely a Thursday evening and a Saturday morning later this month or in early August.  Leave a comment if you want me to get back to you with the specifics once I know them or "like" my Facebook page to get the details.   Clover and Lion Brand Yarns have generously donated most of the supplies we need.  Thank you!  

Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop: Vacation Crafts : Pebble Charm

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Pepple Charm
"In summer, the song sings itself."  --  William Carlos Williams

Summers mean long walks along the shores of Lake Michigan in search of perfect pebbles.  I love their smooth texture in a range of earth tones.  This past week I introduced my niece to this lovely past time.  We collected dozens of pebbles for use in making  jewelry, paper weights and other fun reminders of vacation.


Check out  a some of our stash!

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Pepples

To make your own pebble (or sea glass) charm you will need the following: 


Pebble (My own is 1" x 1.25".)
24 gauge non-tarnish silver wire (I used Artistic Wire from Beadalon.)
Wire cutters
Needle nose pliers
Round nose pliers
An 18" length of ribbon, chain or other necklace strand (I used a silver necklace my mother gave me years ago.)


 Cut a 12" length of wire.

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Pebble Charm
Fold the wire in half and place the pebble in its center.

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Pebble Charm
Bend the wire around the pebble, wrapping tightly as you go.

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Pebble Charm

Proceed until you have completed three wraps.

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Pebble Charm

Firmy grasp the wire ends with your needle nose pliers. Hold the pebble steady and proceed to twist the wire with the hand holding the wire ends until you achieve the desired twist.

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Pebble Charm
Once you have achieved the desired amount of twist, use your round nose pliers to bend a loop approximately 1/4" from the top of the pebble.

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Pebble Charm
Using your needle nose pliers (or your fingers) bend the tail along the shaft of the loop covering the entire 1/4" length.

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Pebble Charm
Split apart the remaining length of wire.

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Pebble Charm
Using your needle nose pliers, bend the wire into a flat spiral. 

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer

Once you have completed both spirals, bend them flat against the front of the pebble charm.

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer
To further tighten the wire against your pebble (thus holding it securely in place) and to add a bit more texture, pinch the wire with the tip of your needle nose pliers.  Twist slightly to add several crimps.

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Pebble Charm
A charming reminder of sunny summer days that you can wear year round!  

For more vacation craft ideas, checkout the work in the Designer Crafts Connection webring wherever you see this logo.

Each blog in the hop is written by a designer associated with the Craft and Hobby Assocition.  We each have unique styles, so be sure to hop through to see what each is doing with this month's theme on vaction crafts.