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Take Risks!


"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it."  --  Pablo Picasso

The time is now for me to make the changes I've been planning.  I'm both excited and scared witless.  The workload
to prepare is not for the faint of heart.  While out with a friend this weekend, I found this necklace and knew it was to be
my talisman as I navigate new waters.  

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Colorful Cut Paper Art of Jen Stark

"A color is as strong as the impression it creates."  -- Ivan Albright

I recently came across the work of Jen Stark and am mesmerized by the colorful
sculptures, drawings and videos she creates.  She sucks you into her galaxy with
her masterful use of hypnotic color combinations. Just how does she get the paper
to stack in such a manner?  And how does she ship it withoutanything shifting?  
Details, details.   For now, I am just going to enjoy and ponder.

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Free Crochet E-Book


Looking for some fun crochet projects?  Favecrafts has published a free book of patterns
for those of us who are yarn-obsessed.  I've downloaded several of their previous publications
and they are always fun and full of great patterns.  Besides, how can you go wrong with free?

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DIY Slide Bracelet Components from Cousin

I love my bling and Cousin makes it so easy!  Their new slide bracelet components are gorgeous and simple to use.  I had to keep my daughter out of the studio as I worked.  She kept trying to sneak off with the finished bracelets before I had a chance to photograph them!  For each bracelet I was able to coordinate and add as I wanted. The slide beads come in pre-coordinated sets for all tastes from rock-n-roll to girly romantic.  I rarely wear bracelets as they are generally too big
for my skinny wrists, so I especially love that I can cut the leather bands to size. 

©2013 Lindsay Obermeyer Cousin Slide Bracelet   ©2013 Lindsay Obermeyer Cousin Slide Bracelet


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video love :: primary colors


"I only use three primaries, so the nice thing is that I can't have favorite colors." -- Chuck Close

I absolutely love this video by Jeff Turick for Sesame Street!  It's a great introduction to color for a children's art class, though trust me, I am going to show it to my college students too.   Take a moment and then pull out your tempera paint and prove to yourself if yellow and blue make green.  

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Crafting with Smoothfoam

Smoothfoam projects

"Creativity is the natural extension of our enthusiasm."  --  Earl Nightengale

Have I mentioned that I'm now on the design team for Smoothfoam?  Smoothfoam has a great surface for painting,
sanding, collaging, marking and cutting. It  comes in numerous shapes and sizes which makes it ideal for
use in crafting.  As a teacher, I've found endless uses for it in the classroom, whether for art lessons, math manipulatives
or science fair projects (fabulous for solar system and DNA models). 

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Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop :: Recycled Magazine Flower Door Decoration

  © 2013 Lindsay Obermeyer Paper Flowers

Yesterday I spotted my first flower of the season! Wooohooo!  Winter is over!  In celebration, I wanted to add a bright jolt of
color to my front door.  I made this door decoration from recycled magazines and buttons from my stash. 

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