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Valentino Couture 2013 /VAL0088 450x675 Valentino Couture 2013VAL0319 450x675

I am especially grateful that I have been able to keep my own style over the decades, in spite
of the many changes that have taken place in the world of fashion and in its business.  
--  Valentino Garavani

I like to knit.  I have a degree in weaving.  But what I really love is embroidery, with or without the beads.  This season no one is adding the embroidered flourishes like Valentino's atelier.  The tweed coat with gold work details is swoon worthy.  The contrast of mannish fabric with the girly gold implies that a woman can hold her own in a man's world, but does so on her own terms.  The coat that turns an every day moment into an event.

I wonder who did the embroidery.  The House of Lesage? His company is one of the few who could create these details with such mastery.  I still have a small dream of one day studying at his school and working on such garments.  They are more than fashion, they are breathing works of art.

Valentino Couture 2013 VAL0587 450x675  Valentino Couture 2013 / VAL0779 450x675

The perfection between drape, cut and craftsmanship in these two garments illustrates the necessary relationship between designer and artisan.  The artisan is the one to execute the designer's wishes. One has to have intimate knowledge of the fabric and how the weight of such embroidery will effect
the drape.  

"As couturiers, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli found the idea of the wunderkammer particularly appealing," reported Nicole Phelps for "In a cabinet of curiosities, the pieces are very unique, very one-of-a-kind," Piccioli said. "We've tried to make something that is not only special, but also surprising, unexpected." Unexpectedly luxurious, feminine and artful.

Valentino Couture 2013 / VAL0818 450x675   Valentino Couture 2013 / VAL0019 450x675

Photo Credit: Yannis Vlamos

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