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Christmas Ornament Earrings


At Christmas, all roads lead home.  --  Marjorie Holmes

The holiday party season is in full swing.  Decorate your ear lobes with a pair of miniature Christmas ornaments.  They
are a breeze to make, taking under an hour total using a Smoothfoam ball for a base and washi tape for the embellishment.  
Make a pair for yourself and another for the hostess!

You will need:
2     1" Smoothfoam balls 
1     roll holiday-themed washi tape (I used Recollection’s Peppermint Candy Tape.)
2     1.5" ball-end silver head bin
2     leverback ©s
2     clear 4mm round rocaille beads
2     red 8/0 seed beads (silver-lined)
round nose pliers
needle nose pliers
awl or long, sharp needle 

Let's create!
1.  Cut 1/4″ long pieces of washi tape and stick them to the ball in a random order. Do the second ball in the same manner.

2.  Push the awl or needle through the center of each ball. Thread each ball onto a head pin. Thread on the clear bead and then the seed bead.

3.  With the round nose pliers, bend the top of each head pin into a circle / ring. 

4.  Use the needle nose pliers to open the loop at the base of each leverback.  Slide on a dangle and close the loop.




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