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Grandma loved to make ornaments using sequins, pins and ribbon on a Smoothfoam base.  She'd buy intricate kits and then spend all afternoon making her "treasures" as she called them.   This is my version with a contemporary twist using craft tape to cover the surface before adding the sequins.  My version takes less time to make (approximately an hour), but still has a colorful sparkle.  Try your own tape and sequin combo or make my winterberry.

You will need:
1.5" Smoothfoam ball
craft tape (also known as Japanese tape or washi tape in a green check)
silver sequins 
8/0 red silver-lined beads
gold sequin pins
1/8" double-faced red satin ribbon
eye pin
Westcott's titanium 4" non-stitck scissors
awl, crewel embroidery needle or skewer

Let's create! 
1.    Cut small pieces of craft tape.  Stick them to the ball in a random order.  Each piece of tape should be approximately 1/2" in length for best coverage.

2.   Use the awl to pierce a hole into the ball.  Push the eye pin into the hole until the eye is flush with the surface of the ball.

3.   Pick up a bead and then a sequin with a sequin pin.  Push into the ball.  Scatter more sequins and beads around the ball.  Don't worry about being precise.  You want a balanced look - ie not a cluster of sequins on one side and none on the other.

4.   Cut 4 6" pieces of ribbon.   Hold 3 together and pull them through the eye until the ends meet.  Tie a knot and then tie a bow.

5.   Thread the 4th ribbon through the eye.  Tie a knot at the end to form a loop.

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