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Thinking about Spring


My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece. — Claude Monet

Groundhog’s Day is around the corner.  If it’s sunny, Mr. Groundhog will see his shadow and tuck in for another
six weeks of winter.  Fingers crossed for clouds, because I am done with winter.  St. Louis hasn’t been hit as hard
as other parts of the country, but I’m not real thrilled with my fingers going numb and white from the cold.  

To get me in the right frame of mind, it’s time to think spring!  My new home came with a small yard, a blank
slate for my imagination and sweat equity. I miss my old garden where I lavished 14 years of love on it.  There are sure
to be some new challenges at my current abode, such as poison ivy.  My brother gratefully came and dug it out a patch I found.

Throughout the fall and winter, I’ve been charting the sun’s path, trying to determine microclimates and figure where to plant
an herb garden. I want something a bit formal, but with blurred edges.  The peony above was from a friend’s garden.  When she
moved, she had all her friends come dig up her garden as the new buyers were going to knock her house flat, destroying the
garden in the process.  I am hoping the folks who bought my old home will let me return and take a clipping.  Isn’t that pink stunning! 

I’ve been reading a few books in preparation.  My favorite is Home Outside: Creating the Landscape You Love by Julie Moir Messervy. It’s a mix of coffee table picture book and serious landscape architecture textbook.  The hard part is figuring the hardscaping.  I have to teardown my deck. It isn’t safe. Try my two papillons weighing a total of 14 lbs can make it shake as they walk.  Not good.  Anyway, do I replace it or do I consider a patio?  Do I pour pea gravel over the narrow run along my garage?  What about the dilapidated fence?  So much to consider.  Fortunately, the seed catalogs are arriving to stoke my imagination even further.   

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