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Well if you have been reading my blog,or what has remained legible of it, you know that I had a stroke in Februrary.  The doctors still don't know why as i don't smoke, don't drink much have eaten a low ft vegetrian diyet for 20 years and try to exercise.  

Last week I had another scare.  I erred on the side of caution and went to the ER.  I had  a bad heedache wih other symptoms,. Given that 20 mintues between the start of a stroke and getting to the hospital for treatment can mean rhe difference between life and death, let alone any chance for recovery.  i was elated to learn that it was only a migraaue.  Yay!  Especially as I couldn't stand another two months of recovery.  I am not allowed to drive and have zero energy and still some trouble with my lwft hand, though that is improving- fewer typing errors.  And being the art geek tht I am, I asked my neurologist about seein my MRI and CT scans.  Sure he said.  His sister is an artist, so he understood and geeked out himself to see me so excited.  And then he pointed out the area where my bain died.  Yep, died.  Brain cells are not like skin cells, they don't renew themselves. Thespeech and occupational therapists kept saying that a stoke permanently changes your life. Well, frankly, I didn't really ge it until I saw it in lack and White.  iI am learning to create new brain paths around the dead matter.  I no longer have much patience for distracting noises and taking an accurate phone message is a pain in the tush. He was really encouraging and said I was doing remarkably well given the severity of my stroke.  i didn't think it was so bad as my only guage was Katherine Hepurn, who had to relearn how to talk to conintue wih her acting career.  I was up an dwwlking/ talking wihin hours of admission.  The whole expeience has certainly opened my eyes.

We treat the elderly and infirmed abominally in this country. if you don't have refular converstations with others, your world shrinks.  There is so little respect or assistance for them. Once i am cleared to drive I am going to volunteer to take a patient to rehab if they need the help. High School classmates have been helping me and I am very grateful.  They've even helped me run a few errands.  When you can no longer drive,your life is limited especially as you don't have the energy for public transportation.  Life is erduced to reading and watching tv.  which is fine, but their is no companionship.  if you have an elderly rlative in a nursing home- visit them weekly. It will help them immeasurably.

I am slowly getting it through my thick skull, that there is more to life that work.  It's hard for me to not work as i love what I do!  Well, I've already arranged my first vacation in years.  Hurrah!

I am slowly getting back to crafting.  No worries, ther will b new patterns soonish.  I can create.  ut thinking logically to writ out all the steps i still really difficult.  

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