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Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits. ~Author Unknown 

I am back.  I've not been on vacation, actually quite the opposite.  I recently left my job as a lab research assistant in the neurology department at Washington University's School of Medicine.  Between the lab position and my position as an arts professor at Chicago State University, I was working 50+ hours a week which is a heavy load, but add that my brain is still healing from last year's stroke, I had to take a step back. Initially I let my design career go, along with an active update of this blog.  But you know, as much as I loved the research, I love this more.  I like working from home and sharing my passion for the arts, crafts, cooking and good health.  A fellow cardiac rehab inmate's words echoed through my head - "Good health is a part-time job." Yep it sure is.  Now I have time to go to the gym on a daily basis and make myself nutritional meals. If I am tired, I can take a nap.  An early theme on this blog dating back nearly 10! years ago, is one of balance. I think many can identify with wanting to find a balance between work, family and basic time for self.  I generally have sucked at it.   I think it took having a stroke for me to actually come to grips with it.  When you hit a medical emergency such as a stroke or cancer, your perspective on life shifts.  Every second counts now and I need to live each second as fully as possible. I love my work- teaching and making art are a part of who I am.  But sometimes I get a bit greedy for experiences and  take on more than I can comfortably handle. I am still learning what my limits are now post stroke.  

So in the interest of getting back to my blog, I decided I needed a planner. I once read that for one to be successful, one must spend 10 minutes a day planning and dreaming.  I don't know where I read that, probably as I was scanning through my Twitter feed one morning.  Anyway, I googled free blog planner 2016 and found this lovely one by Confessions of a Homeschooler. The only thing missing from it are major holidays and important National Days, such as National Day of the Donught (November 5th).  So bookmark these links as I am sure they will help you prepare for the new year.

I printed out the blog planner and went straight to Kinko's to have it spiral bound.  It's cute and makes me happy.  I spent a few minutes with it at lunch with my afternoon espresso and the ideas rolled out and onto paper. I am so excited!!! Organization at last!  I hope you will follow me through my journey into and through 2016.    


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