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Turning science fiction into fashion fact.  I am fascinated by smart materials. textile technology, especially fabrics that combine led lights. With the rise of new fibers and fabrics, wouldn't it be cool to get your hands on some LED embedded yarn?! I know I want some!


And for a bit more on smart textiles. I love smart jewelry that collects data such as my fitbit.  But there are smart rings, smart charms and so much more.  The field is basically exploding.


And as the mother with a young daughter, I worry about her constantly.  Other than giving her krav maga lessons( a form of street fight training, used by the Israeli Army) or carrying a gun or pepper spray with her ( both of which could be forcibly taken and used against her), there is one new option. It's not perfect, but it is a start, the Siren Ring.  It admits a very loud alarm to draw attention to a possible mugging or rape. It is rather expensive which is the only reason I am not buying her own for Christmas.

Introducing SIREN | Beautiful. Powerful. Smart. from DreamPlay Media on Vimeo.

 I want it to have GPS and send a signal  to cell towers for police help. Think of it as the wearable bat signal. 


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