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The Heart Truth: Wear RED!

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February is without a doubt one of my favorite months. It is the shortest of the winter months which is a big deal to a gal who craves spring and summer.  But most of all February reminds us to tell those we love that we do love them and even to go and give them a smooch.  Pink and red are two of my favorite color schemes.  Throw in a bit of lace and swoon!

Spring is around the corner and the tulips will soon be in bloom, quickly followed by peonies and roses.  Who doesn't love a pink flamingo?  The real bird and not the plastic lawn ornaments.  They are such elegant creatures.  I like my chocolate with a dash of red chili pepper and eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away.  Speaking of doctors.  February is also Heart Disease Awareness month.  As you may have read on this blog.  I had a stroke and a heart attack in 2014.  I've always exercised and ate an organic vegetarian diet for 20 years.  I was just the lucky gal to hit the genetic jackpot.  And so begins my personal campaign to stop heart disease in its tracks.  Did you know more woman will die in the United States of heart disease than all the cancers combined?!  Wear your pink, butthrow on a red sweater with it.  And heart disease is the number one killer world wide, according to the World Health Organization, 17.3 million people died from heart disease in 2015.  So I will be your Aunt Nag, just cause I love you, if you have't had a health check up in the past year, go schedule one.  Try to stop smoking.  Reduce your salt intake.  Learn to read the labels.  And get out their to take a walk, not only for fitness sake, but to allow for a little creative thinking time.  My favorite places to walk in St. Louis are Forest Park and the River Walk downtown by the Mississippi River.  Check out Meetups, there is often a walking group that meets to walk and explore neighborhoods.  For more great tips on healthy heart living, checkout the American Heart Association's website.  Making lifestyle changes can be vey daunting, so start small.  Get a check up for a baseline.  You will find if you start to reduce your salt intake, your tastebuds will change and not want salt.  Even a dash of salt will be noticeable.  And February 4th is Wear RED Day.  So get out your best red clothing and wear it with pride!

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