what do you do when you are told you are pre diabetic?
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Recipe fails and successes


Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died. - Erma Bombeck

Since my new diet I have been spending hours in the kitchen testing different recipes, trying to establish what I like and don't like with my new diet.  I love food with a good crunch and since tortilla chips are off of my list, I decided to try making my own baked sweet potato chips.  Baking them rather than frying them preserves their nutritional value and allows me to use healthy fats such as olive oil or coconut oil. So i gave it a try in the oven first.  I followed this recipe. Tried it first in the oven set at 200 for two hours and burned a couple of batches.  Argh. Try again.  

Next I tried using my dehydrator.  The results of which  you may see in the photo.  They look pretty, but they are not crunchy. They are weirdly chewy.  I used my cuisinart to slice the potatoes as I have not gotten the hang of my mandolin.  So, maybe the slices were too thick.  Also I used 2tbs of oil and think 1 would have sufficed.  I dehydrated over night.  The bottom tray was  a dark brown, so I didn't think they needed more time. I don't know.  Maybe they did.  So grumbles. 8 sweet potatoes land in the compost heap. Grumbles.  I will probably try again, but not until after this unrelenting rain stops. Humidity may be effecting my final product. Always a possibility.  



A very kind reader posted a website suggestion on my previous post.  Thank you! Hemsley and Hemsley is a great website with drool worthy photos of food.  I was in a really bad mood last night after another failed batch of sweet potato chips as well battling my doctor for a referral.  I wanted chocolate cake. But no.  Not allowed, so I tried Hemsley's Chocolate Mousse.   My daughter was skeptical.  Chocolate, bananas and avacados?! Are you crazy.  Worth a try.  My batch was a bit chunky as I used a frozen green banana to keep it low sugar and reduced the honey usage by half and added stevia instead.  But okay folks, this is super simple recipe and divine.  I mean don't tell anyone about the avacado and they won't know.  Better yet, I had no blood sugar issues after eating it.  Okay, this recipe is a definite keeper.

And a reminder, I am following a prescribed restricted diet.  I by no means advocate it to others as everyone has a unique health balance.  I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be a nutrition guru. I am just doing my thing to stay healthy and hope that in my writing about it you may learn something that will help you.  Please if you know of any good recipes that are basically whole food, paleo -ish, vegetarian - shoot them my way.  I will be ever so grateful.


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