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what do you do when you are told you are pre diabetic?

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Old age ain't for sissies. - A frequent refrain of my Gam  

My grandmother also loved to say " Youth is wasted on the young."  I always thought the sayings were cute until I started to get older and see the inherent wisdom of them.  Old age sure isn't for sissies.  The other week I learned I was pre diabetic. Like having endured three rounds of cancer, a heart attack and a stroke weren't enough.  I was then later diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and now I am freaking, (slew of expletives) pre diabetic?! Oh hell no! I am not taking that one on the chin. Nope! Not me!  Grandma and Great Grandma had full blown Type 2 diabetes, so lucky me seems to have won the genetic jackpot.  I am not overweight, in fact I lean toward skinny despite my recent glamour curves and I exercise daily.  I've also been an organic eating vegetarian for 30 years.  So what the heck?  Again, genetic jackpot.  

When I first learned of the diagnosis, I asked my doctor what should I do to pull back from it?  Low sugar and low carbs.  Well, okay, but I was already low sugar and low carbs. I called a nutritionist for some help.  First thing to do is start to keep a food diary.  My problem seems to have been my low protein intake due to my vegetarianism.  So I am now learning to eat eggs which I've never liked.  I find their smell and texture repulsive.  I am also to lower my plant protein intake, i.e. beans and tofu, due to the phytic acid in them which can mess with your thyroid.  I've had thyroid cancer.  I still eat beans, but I have to soak and "sprout them first, along with all my nuts."  Oh lordy, this is getting complicated quick.  Every morning for breakfast now I eat a slice of frittata filled with oodles of veggies and some pasteurized cheese.  ( Cheese made from cows not fed corn as corn is a grain and out of my diet).  But I am now really sick of frittata, so I am exploring other options.  Here are few recipes I recently found and am going to explore.

Egg White Chips (Sounds weird,but looks like low carb way to scoop hummus)

Egg muffins - these are essentially mini frittas.  I like them as a concept as you can make a bunch and eat on the go.  Or have later as a quick snack.  I will just skip the suggested ham ingredient.

Omlettes are of course another option, but I haven't figured out the trick to successfully making them. I always end up with scrambled eggs which I absolutely detest.  

My diet could be loosely defined as Vegetarian Paleo.  I do eat cheese and legumes and I don't eat any meat. So its all whole foods and zero fruit or sugars.  I get to eat berries as they are low glycemic, but not fruit juices or mangoes or watermelon as they are higeher in sugar.  I found this one cookbook which I really like, I just skip the meat section in the front.

Paleo Perfected from This America's Test Kitchen

The blueberry muffins made with a combo of almond, coconut and arrowroot flour was ok.  I am still trying to master the right sub of stevia for other sugars.  Of course the texture is different as stevia is a sweetener, but not a sugar, so it doesn't bake the same way. The recipe called for Coconut Palm Sugar.  Sigh......

I love zucchini fritters, so I found this recipe that uses coconut flour rather than wheat flour.  Might try this one tonight.

I also have a dehydrator and am going to make sweet potato chips this weekendAnd as I am often on the fly and need a sandwhich to take, I think these paleo wraps are divine.  I add a smear of goat cheese, some humus and assorted shredded veggies.  Yummy, quick and simple.

I've purchased a few new tools to assist with the changes in diet, which includes a really powerful blender for easy saucing and smoothie making.  Plus a mandoline.  I also use my spiralizer a lot to make fancy roasted carrots, as well as squash nooodles for pasta.  

I know I have much more to learn as I make my way through this diet change.  Please understand that this post is about making sense of it all and is in no way to be taken as medical advice or suggestions.  I am not a doctor, though I joke that with all I've experienced medically I have earned my MD by default form  Hard Knocks University. Note too, that my diet is specific to my needs and if you see anything of yourself in it, then consult your doctor and ask for a referral to a nutritionist to guide you to a diet specific to your nutritional needs. Everyone's chemistry and genetic makeup is different.

And if you find recipes you think might interest me, please share the link for me and others to see.  Thanks!  



Hemsley and Hemsley recipes and books might be of interest. Similar eating ethos but no silly ingredients, just proper foods


Thank you for your recommendation. I just took a brief look and it is very promising. There are a number of vegetarian recipes, just substitute veggie broth for bone broth.

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