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Christmas in July :: Inspiration

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. ~Charles Dickens

It is already the end of July. How are your Christmas preparations coming along?  Now don't laugh.  I am not kidding.  Christmas comes close on the heals of Thanksgiving, which gives one very little time to craft and prepare.  Rather than stress out, I am suggesting that we, meaning you and  me, learn from my mother who started her preparations in July.  Running a catering business as a single parent kept her extremely busy from the 1st of November though New Years, but she was not about to lose out on any of the fun.  She had a room she designated her wrapping room.  When Mom passed away in October, 2008, we found gifts for us already wrapped.  I couldn't' stop crying at the time, but I was so grateful to have that one last present to tuck under my tree.

Here are some patterns for crafts I created over the last few years that proved to be reader favorites, so I thought I'd share them here in case you haven't seen them.  #3 is my favorite as it takes your favorite ornaments and puts them front and forward on your front door to greet your guests.  I fill in the blank spots with tinsel garland which I know is beginning to show up in the aisles at the craft stores.  Dig through your treasures and find a few favorites and give it a try.  I also love the paper tree.  So simple.  And so easy to do. If you have a bored little one still off school and whining that they have nothing to do..... well, get them Christmas crafting!

1. Paper Christmas Tree

2. Christmas Ornament Earrings

3. Christmas Wreath of Favorite Ornaments

4. Needle Felted Christmas Tree

Please let me know how your creations turn out.



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