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Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.--- Norman Vincent Peale

There are only 177 days until Christmas.  After years of being the family scrooge, I've decided to follow in  my mother's footsteps.  She started preparing for Christmas in July.  This was partly due to nostalgia.  Christmas was her favorite holiday and the one with the happiest memories.  She also started in July as she owned a catering company and she was working 12/7 from The week before Thanksgiving until the week after New Year's.  She didn't have time to go shopping or prepare the homemade crafts in December, so she got started in July when her business was slower.  

Every year Christmas catches me off guard.  I never seem to have enough time to do all I want to do, so this year, I am getting a head start.  I thought you might like to as well.  The projects I will be rolling out over the next few months will be great for travel and will make good gifts.  Well, at least that is my intent. So let's get started with these quick to crochet coasters.  Each one takes about a half hour to complete.  

You will need:

1 ball of Sugar 'n Cream in Mistletoe and one in red (This will make 4 coasters.)
size H crochet hook
Tapestry needle


Gauge :  3DC per inch and 2rows per inch

Round 1: Start with a sliding  / magic loop.  Chain 3. Work 11 DC into the loop.  Attach the final DC to with a sl st to the top of the CH#. Pull the tail of the loop tight to close up the circle.


Round 2: Chain 3.  Work 1DC into the same space.  Work 2DC into each stitch. Attach the final DC with a SL ST to the top of the CH3. Total 24sts

Round 3: Chain 3.  *Work 2DC into the next st and the 1DC into the next stitch.*  Proceed in this manner from * to * until you have completed the round.  Attach the final DC with a SL ST to the top of the CH3. Total 36sts.

Round 4: Chain 3.  *Work 2DC into the next st and the 1DC into the next 2 stitches.*  Proceed in this manner from * to * until you have completed the round.  Attach the final DC with a SL ST to the top of the CH3. Total 48sts.

Your Circle should have a diameter of about 5 inches. You may end your coaster here, but to add the picot trim continue with Round 5.

Round 5:  Change to the red.  Attach with a SL.   CH-1.  *Work 1SC into each of the next 3 sts. C-3, Sl ST into the 1st CH (makes 1 picot).*  Continue in this manner from  * to* until you complete the round. Finish by attaching SL ST to the original CH-1. Cut tail and pull it through.  Sew in all ends.  


These coasters are extra thick and absorbent.  I love them worked in cotton. Sure you could work them in work and felt them down, but you will need to adjust the number of rounds to accommodate the shrinkage.  Do a test first before committing.  

HINT #1:  If your circle is not staying flat and wants to curl up into a bowl.  Try going up a hook size to adjust for the tension.  

Hint #2: If your circle is ruffling like a potato chip, then first try pulling the tail of the magic loop a bit tighter.  If that doesn't help, then go down a hook size to adjust your tension.

These make  a  great hostess gift.  Make them a year round usable gift by working them in Brown with a yellow picot edge for a sunflower  or work the rounds in a chartreuse green with hot pink or orange picot edge for a Gerber Daisy look.  


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