The House of Elsa Schiaparelli : exquisite embroidery


Dress designing . . . is to me not a profession but an art. -- Elsa Schiaparelli


I am beyond excited to have found this video by the house of Elsa Schiaparelli.  She was a huge influence on my early art.

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Art Review :: Lindsay Obermeyer Art 2009-2012


Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. -- Pablo Picasso

June 11th is the 10 year anniversary of my blog. Really?! June 11, 2006. I started my blog to record my creative process. Along the way it has done just that, as well as delve into my love of teaching art, and more recently becoming a DIY craft blog and now a bit more on cooking because of my change in my diet. The blog has become a bit of a journal and also a bit of letter writing to myself into the future.

Have you ever noticed that our earlier-selves know our future selves far more than we realize at the time? 

I read recently of a professor who told his ceramic students that half would be graded on the quantity of work they made, while the other half would be graded on the quality of one piece.  Those who were assigned the making of the perfect piece failed.  They spent their entire time worrying over each detail, bogged by discussion of the cultural implications of their chosen material.  Those who made for the sake of making arrived at work that became suffused with meaning.  They had allowed discoveries to happen.  By preventing self censorship from negating production, they could whittle away at an idea until it began to take shape.  Delight came as much from the act of making as it did from the final product. 

I want to make for the sake of making, letting each piece of work act as a point on a map toward the next discovery.

These words were from one of my earliest posts.  June 12, 2006.  I still feel this way.  I have  joy in making for the sake of making. It's that creative adventure, a thrill and a struggle until the end of the piece. For the past few months I've been struggling to figure out the next direction of my work.  I was overthinking it.  I had to just jump in and start making.  The making will lead me down the path.  While looking at exhibition calls, I didn't have recent work to submit, work made within the past three years. With that in mind, I knew I had to get cracking. Make for the sake of making and just trust that a cohesive body of work will emerge.


So here is the start into the future. Ta da!

The images at the top are the 4th collection in the Facebook challenge.  They are part of a series called Pattern Play and delve into a review of the microscopic patterns, real and imagined that lurk below our skin.  Photo credit: Larry Sanders.



Art Review :: Lindsay Obermeyer Art 1988-2007


Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. ~Henry Ward Beecher

A friend recently challenged me to feature an artwork a day on Facebook.  Well, as I am going through my images of previous work and looking at how I want to group them for a new website I am building.  I decided to focus on clusters of art rather than one single work.

The first post is of my Visions of Paradise series completed between 1988-1992.  They were my alternative reality to urban living with all the anger and violence swirling in the air outside my window.  I made a conscious choice to focus on the positive and the beautiful.  This series was well received, and was featured in books and magazine articles and a few of these pieces are now in the Museum of Fine Art Boston.

In 1992 I went off to graduate school in Seattle.  That same year I was diagnosed with cancer again.  My work turned from the exterior landscape to the interior. 


Much of this work has also sold,some to private collectors and the rest to a university oncology department.  The work allowed me to process, analyze and accept that cancer would be an ongoing problem in my life. I would never be fully rid of it. Basically at the root of this series was the fragility of the human condition and all the fears and anxieties that go along with it.

I continued on this same track but delved deeper into microbiology.This collection began with a grant. I wanted to show at the International Museum of Surgical Science. As I wrote the grant the story of a young Victorian woman developed. She was interested in medicine, but relegated to only the girly arts of embroidery and knitting. So while she embroidered patterns of femurs and leucocytes developed. Her sweaters were non functional and display the tumor they were intended to cover.



Look back to move forward : Short video of my knitted artwork

Woman's Work

 I've been spending the last few days reviewing images of older work to see if my new work makes sense within the continuum.  I realized as I was looking that most of my knitted art is not on my website, so i thought this video might make a nice summary of what I did in terms of performance art , sculpture and public art.

Social Networks and Stroke Recovery Blog

Obemeyer-Social-Networks -&-Stroke -recovery

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.  It is the source of all true art and science. -- Albert Einstein

I recently started working on a new installation of crocheted mandalas.  They are the visualizations of the data from the research of  my neurologist Dr. Amar Dhand.  As this project is sure to take over my life and develop one of its own, much in the way The Red Thread Project® did, I thought it fitting to create a blog based on this work. I will update it with new mandalas, insights from the research and of course patterns too.  My ultimate goal is to collect 795,000 mandalas,one for each new stroke victim in the United States.  The number is staggering!  This is my way of taking my experience and hopefully sharing with you what I've learned along the way to better health.  So please take a moment to step on over to my new blog and follow its updates.  Thank you!


how to create filet crochet charts from your own photos.



I think therefore I am -  René Descartes

Hello!  based on responses from a recent Facebook post, I thought I'd write up a short tutorial on how  to create a custom chart for filet crochet (or knitting) from a personal photo.  As you may know, I had a stroke last year.  This work is for a show I'm building called "Coming Unraveled."  Basically we spend a lifetime building our identites. There is that saying from Cartesian philosophy - " I think, therefore I am."  So the question I pose, is"If you stop thinking, then who the heck are you?!"  This is the bit on coming unravelled.  So I am crocheting a large portrait of myself in filet crochet which when finished.  I will set up a video camera to record a performance of me systematically unraveling the image and creating something new with the image.  That's been my life this past year, a long and difficult journey of accepting that I'm not the same person and that I have to construct a new life and new identity for myself. Make sense so far?

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Stroke Survival Week 4


Well if you have been reading my blog,or what has remained legible of it, you know that I had a stroke in Februrary.  The doctors still don't know why as i don't smoke, don't drink much have eaten a low ft vegetrian diyet for 20 years and try to exercise.  

Last week I had another scare.  I erred on the side of caution and went to the ER.  I had  a bad heedache wih other symptoms,. Given that 20 mintues between the start of a stroke and getting to the hospital for treatment can mean rhe difference between life and death, let alone any chance for recovery.  i was elated to learn that it was only a migraaue.  Yay!  Especially as I couldn't stand another two months of recovery.  I am not allowed to drive and have zero energy and still some trouble with my lwft hand, though that is improving- fewer typing errors.  And being the art geek tht I am, I asked my neurologist about seein my MRI and CT scans.  Sure he said.  His sister is an artist, so he understood and geeked out himself to see me so excited.  And then he pointed out the area where my bain died.  Yep, died.  Brain cells are not like skin cells, they don't renew themselves. Thespeech and occupational therapists kept saying that a stoke permanently changes your life. Well, frankly, I didn't really ge it until I saw it in lack and White.  iI am learning to create new brain paths around the dead matter.  I no longer have much patience for distracting noises and taking an accurate phone message is a pain in the tush. He was really encouraging and said I was doing remarkably well given the severity of my stroke.  i didn't think it was so bad as my only guage was Katherine Hepurn, who had to relearn how to talk to conintue wih her acting career.  I was up an dwwlking/ talking wihin hours of admission.  The whole expeience has certainly opened my eyes.

We treat the elderly and infirmed abominally in this country. if you don't have refular converstations with others, your world shrinks.  There is so little respect or assistance for them. Once i am cleared to drive I am going to volunteer to take a patient to rehab if they need the help. High School classmates have been helping me and I am very grateful.  They've even helped me run a few errands.  When you can no longer drive,your life is limited especially as you don't have the energy for public transportation.  Life is erduced to reading and watching tv.  which is fine, but their is no companionship.  if you have an elderly rlative in a nursing home- visit them weekly. It will help them immeasurably.

I am slowly getting it through my thick skull, that there is more to life that work.  It's hard for me to not work as i love what I do!  Well, I've already arranged my first vacation in years.  Hurrah!

I am slowly getting back to crafting.  No worries, ther will b new patterns soonish.  I can create.  ut thinking logically to writ out all the steps i still really difficult.  

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Yarn "Bomb" Installation at New Motorola Offices

Motorola Christmas logo

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.   —  Pablo Picasso

The Chicago Artists Coalition contacted me several months ago about working on a potential project for an architectural firm.  Sure.  Little did I know I’d been asked to consider yarn bombing the reception spaces at the new Motorola office and research facility.  Holy yarnola!  Working under the guidance of the architects and CAC, I am creating a permanent installation inspired by the yarn bombing movement. I knew there was no way I could tackle a 12’ x 65’ fence / wall on my own, so I’ve called in vegan crafter extraordinaire Mary K. Lawrie to assist.

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Textile / Yarny Arts Round Up from CHA 2014 Mega Show


Think left and think right and think low and think high.  Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!  ~Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!

As usual, there was much to see in regards to the textile arts at the Craft and Hobby Association's trade show. I love the embroidery kits at Simplicity. They were witty and well designed.  Look carefully at the one featured above and you will see the embroidery itself is a bit messy.  Perfect! They also had these cute kits which had me drooling.

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Banners of Hope


Hope rises like a phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams. — S.A. Sachs

The Fabric Arts Council of the Craft and Hobby Association has launched a new charitable project titled Banners of Hope. Each 8” x 12” banner will be on display at the upcoming trade show and then travel to the Charity Wings Art Center where it will be featured in their 24 hour crafty online fundraiser before traveling to hospitals and other health centers around the country.  

When offered the opportunity to participate, I leaped at the chance.  This seemed a no brainer for me.  Much of my work centers on the concept of hope often with a medical theme.  But I will be honest, this project proved incredibly challenging. 

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