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Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud. Maya Angelou 

I love rainbows, don't you?  They are frequently a source of inspiration for my designs.  The Rainbow Faith Bracelet I created for  As it is made with crystals, it is extra sparkly.

©2015 Lindsay Obermeyer Finger Knit Rainbow Scarf

I also made this finger knit scarf or Blanket for

 Easy to make and a perfect car trip project. 

©2016 Lindsay Obemeyer Rainbow Hat

And last but not least, my rainbow children's beanie, because aren't your children the gold at the end of the rainbow?!  I posted this pattern on my blog earlier this year.

Free Pattern :: Zippy Knitting Loom Infinity Scarf



Knitting not only relaxes me, it also bring a feeling of being at home. -- Magdalena Neuner

I have been knitting for 33 years now, once worked for a yarn company,  owned a yarn shop, so I am a bit jaded when it comes to new knitting products, but I tell you I bought myself a zippy loom and have fallen in love with it.  It's a sturdy plastic loom with 4 pegs, but you can buy more to make a longer board or to create a frame with it, so you may easily knit extra bulky hats and afghans.  


In the time it took me to watch one episode of Perry Mason (1 hour), I had knit a  scarf that was 130" x 4".  I cast off and stitched the ends together so it made an infinity scarf, which as you can see is really quite flashy fab.  Perfect to wear over a t-shirt with a jean jacket for date night.  



The key to this scarf is drape.  You want to work with bulky yarns that are lightweight such as a traditional "eye-lash " yarn carried with an acrylic. Bulky wools wools won't have the same drape.

You will need:

1 ball (135 yd) of Lion Brand Jiffy

2 balls (57yd) of Lion Brand Fun Fur

1 Knitting Board zippy Loom

Tape Measure


tapestry needle

The directions for casting on, knitting and casting off are included n the kit and are exactly what I did.  They are straight forward and simple.  To see how to videos  and to find other cute quick patterns for the zippy loom.

If your children have learned to finger knit, then move them forward with knitting using the zippy loom.  Be warned, you will go through quite a bit of yarn, so ask friends  if they have nay left over bits in their stash that you may use.  Get several boards and make afghans to donate to your local hospital or senior center.  These warm gifts if knit in acrylic, for ease of washing, will be an appreciated gift.

Kid Crafts: so your kids are home, what to.....?


painting by a 7 year old


Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. ~Pablo Picasso

I love teaching children. I've taught in public schools, parochial schools, summer camps, and even at a greenhouse for an art and science course, teaching children to become better observers by drawing their natural environment.  Given that I love working with children and see what inspires them to make, it should come as no surprise that I've developed a Pinterest board that now has 22,000+ followers. (Holy Moly and thank you!)  I bring it up now as there are many ideas on it for children to make and do over the holiday break, to calm the worst of  the antsy pantsys. And who knows they may become inspire to make a present for Santa???  

Finger knitting is a great one for the car while not the way to the grandparents.  I had some yarn in my bag as I traveled to Chicago by Amtrak.  One little 6 year old was bored in the worst way.  Some yarn and some fingers can make magic.  To learn how, take a look at my directions on how to finger knit a blanket



Get them ready for the spring, here is an easy one to make while you upcycle old magazines and caltalogs with buttons from the button box.

Let them make their own thank you notes for gifts received. This is an article I wrote for Illustration Friday.

As a basic bak up, print out a few of these mandalas and allow them to color.