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Mom's favorite holiday was Christmas.  Owning a catering company, she had to get ready in August as she didn't have a day off once November rolled around until long after New Year's   She used to tease me calling me her Little Scrooge as I never did much for the holiday.  I wish she could see me now.  She passed away five years ago and I know she would chuckle over the fact that I am loving the holiday and have bee busy since July in my elf shop.  Enjoy this blog hop featuring products The Robin's Nest and Smoothfoam.  Designers from the Craft and Hobby Association have different styles, so you are sure to gain lots of inspiration as you hop along through the participating bloggers.

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Designer Crafts Connection :: Sticky Sticks Blog Hop


The flower that follows the sun does so even in cloudy days.  --  Robert Leighton

My mailbox is overflowing with catalogs tempting me with beautiful blossoms.  As daylight hours diminish, my thoughts turn to
spring.  Daffodils, tulips and hyacinth - this is the time to plant bulbs.  As I can't possibly grow every flower from every catalog
in my possession, I decided to make a few daffodils of my own.  Here is a trumpet daffodil, a daffodil with multiple petals, and
a classic white narcissus with orange center. I can almost smell their heavenly scent!

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Designer Crafts Connection :: Family Celebration Treasure Box

Lindsay Obermeyer treasure box closed

Having a place to go - is a home.  Having someone to love - is a family.  Having both - is a blessing.  --  Donna Hedges

This month's blog hop theme is family celebrations and it has me thinking of Mom.  She would have turned 70 this month.
While she loved Christmas (as in seriously over the top with a tree in every room), Mom celebrated family year round.  Upon
her death my brother and I found boxes full of photos, report cards, and childhood drawings.  She had every card and letter
I sent her while in college.  These small moments are the ones she truly treasured most as each box was covered in a pretty
paper or fabric.  It's a lovely tradition and one I want to pass along to my own daughter by making this box to fill.

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Colorful Cut Paper Art of Jen Stark

"A color is as strong as the impression it creates."  -- Ivan Albright

I recently came across the work of Jen Stark and am mesmerized by the colorful
sculptures, drawings and videos she creates.  She sucks you into her galaxy with
her masterful use of hypnotic color combinations. Just how does she get the paper
to stack in such a manner?  And how does she ship it withoutanything shifting?  
Details, details.   For now, I am just going to enjoy and ponder.

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Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop :: Recycled Magazine Flower Door Decoration

  © 2013 Lindsay Obermeyer Paper Flowers

Yesterday I spotted my first flower of the season! Wooohooo!  Winter is over!  In celebration, I wanted to add a bright jolt of
color to my front door.  I made this door decoration from recycled magazines and buttons from my stash. 

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Paper Wedding Cake

©2013 Lindsay Obermeyer Wedding cake

"Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and as difficult as that." 
--  Michael Leunig 

I like to give myself thematic challenges when crafting.  Can you imagine the theme for this one?  I love
wedding cake and thought it would be fun to make a paper version.  This is perfect for a bridal shower
that could double as storage for all the small momentos that come from a wedding or to have at the wedding
itself with a slit at the top for family and friends to give gifts of money.   

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The Snow Queen: a study in yarn and paper

©2013 Lindsay Obermeyer Snow Queen

Springtime is the land awakening.  The March winds are the morning yawn. 
-- Lewis Grizzard 

Last summer during a blistering heat wave, I made a garment inspired by Hans Christian Anderson's story "The Snow Queen."  The top is knit from Lion Brand's Vanna's Glamour®.  It's a lovely yarn to work and adds this gorgeous shimmer that shifts with the light - perfect for my Snow Queen Dress. Having recently invested in a large die cutter, I decided to put it to the test.  I cut a 100+ cardboard snowflakes which I then embellished.  Naturally, no two snowflakes are the same.  I painted, rubber stamped and colored with pencil and pen. I glued on sequins, wrapped threads and added small sparkling stickers.  The dress became an experiment in how far I could push a mixed media approach.  

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Blog Love :: Mini-eco


A hundred hearts would be too few
To carry all my love for you.   -- Author Unknown

I recently came across Mini-eco's website and have fallen in love.  Kate's design esthetic is whimsical, urban chic.  Her tutorials are fantastic, such as this one for 3D paper hearts.

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CHA Winter 2013 - Let's Cr8te!

©2013 Lindsay Obermeyer Felt Bird EK Success

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." -- Albert Einstein
At a CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) tradeshow there is so much to see, scores of new products to try out, and dozens of fabulous workshops and seminars.  The 2013 winter show was no exception.

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Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop: Desk Organizer Cube


After once again searching for pen and paper to make a note while on the phone, I decided to be proactive and made myself an adorable desk organizer.  I was able to use up some of my favorite paper scraps which made me feel even more virtuous.  Here's to starting 2013 organized!

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