what I've learned from watching the Voice


Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. -- Pamela Vaull Starr

Every week I have been glued to the television watching The Voice on NBC.  The show gives me such hope.  It is inspiring to watch talented artists go out on the stage and give it their all to take a shot for their dreams. I can't begin to understand the nerves of steel they must develop, especially these last two artists who had to slug it out at the end.  They both were so graceful and composed despite it all.

Since my stroke, I 've lost a bit of my nerve.  I revved up in February with several design projects and an exhibition opening.  The stress took me out and it took most of March to recover from the medical fallout. So I am having to learn my new norm which is so weird.  I am a middle aged artist whose paid her dues and thought she had cut herself a clear path, but no.  I have to keep slugging away to reach my dreams even though I don't always have the energy to get out of bed.  But I do, even if it isn't until 1pm and I end up working in my pajamas the entire day.  That's okay, it's part of my new normal.  You can't give up on the very thing that fuels your spirit. 

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thinking about art in public spaces

Watch Off Book: Street Art on PBS. See more from PBS.


 What is the next step?  What comes after The Red Thread Project®?  I love the work featured in this video.  It raises the questions of public aesthetic.  Individual vs. Mass.  Engagement.  Scale. Unlike The Red Thread Project® this is art made by an individual for a community rather than with a community, but I find parallels.

What I enjoy with The Red Thread Project® is the lack of control.  I set certain perameters - knit or crocheted hats attached by a long red knit thread - but I have no sense of scale, involvement or even overall color as that is completely determined by those who contribute.  I also like that the work goes back out into the public, consumed by others rather being stored in my studio until the next exhibition.  Through the project I also share a basic skill providing others with what can become endless hours of enjoyment for them too.  That aspect of sharing, a skill, stories, a bond, is what makes the work meaningful to me.

The Red Thread Project® flowed from The Attachment Project which visualized the emotional connections between two people.  I took that simple idea keyed it up a notch to highlight the visible and invisible connections between us all.  But now what?  Am I done?  

In every series of works I create, there comes a point when I  have said all I need to say.  Am I there again?  Still thinking.   

chameleon florals


This is a magical stop animation showing a love for all forms of textiles - knitting, embroidery, surface design, fabric manipulation etc.  Get a cup of tea (or wine if you choose) and relax into the beauty.

Thank you to kirstenhome for posting it on You Tube.  I'm not sure if she made it or just posted it, but lovely.