sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite

Sleep tight treasury by enjolive
"Sleep tight!  Don't let the bedbugs bit! And if they do, squish them!"
-- me and Sweet Pea

Every night my daughter and I followed this ritual when she was young -  the bubbliest of bubble baths, followed by story time with a cup of herbal tea and then a singsong about the bedbugs.  Of course, we added the squish 'em bit along the way.  Even now with my daughter older, she will shout it from her bedroom before turning out her light.

I've been thinking about these rituals as I've swung from night owl to barely making it to 9pm.  Is my body adjusting to spring?  Is it caving to the battle with allergies and shutting me down whether I like it or not?  My ritual includes the same as above with the addition of a journal entry.  I like to write a few lines about what has been positive about my day.  The world provides a daily avalanche of negativity, so I don't bother with focusing upon it.  Of course, there are days when it is a challenge to find even one sentence to write that remains hopeful or lighthearted.  As Grandma would say, those are the crapolla days of life, just wipe off you shoes and keep walking.  Thanks, Grandma!

This week's treasury has a bedtime theme.  Sweet dreams!